Hi M,

Christmas Trees and Reindeer

Day #16! Less than 10 days (all your fingers and toes) till Christmas. And then … your birthday! Cool rest of the year.

Do you remember me talking about a fun project? Well … it is a project for you and grandchild #2 that is coming. We know he is going to be a little boy.  Going to go by “gc**” … very excited! Took the project “out for a test drive” a few times. Believe it will work. It has been and will be enjoyable.

We’re told we have more snow coming! (Yep … December weather.) Perhaps a “White Christmas” … that means “snow on the ground” which is white, a color. (More about that in a later note.) And wait until you hear about reindeer!

M, for the rest of my years, December will be a great month. Not just because of Christmas, and the birthdays of “close to me” people, but now yours! You’ll hear it many times. Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday. Not today, but soon. Very soon.

Love you little one,