“I Love You” Day


We have a fun time this day each year. “I Love You” is what you’ll hear.

From the time you get out of bed, you’ll see the color red.

Hearts and flowers will also be all around.

It is a “miles of smiles” day!


What a treat, candy and cupcakes to eat.

There will be kisses and best wishes from family and friends.


One big red heart and a whispered “I Love You” is a great place to start.


Two hearts means your heart and mine are close for all time.


Just so you know, three hearts mean our feelings of love for you will grow.


Four hearts …four kisses … no misses.


Five big hearts, may it always be true, all the best and much love to you!


(My hobby for 2014 is board/block books for kids ages 0-3. These first books are often just a few pages in length. A few words and pictures or illustrations (attached)on each page. These books are helps to teach our kids or grandkids. They help them learn and move to the front of the line in their “before school years.”)


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