A Game

We love to clap and smile. This is a clapping and smiling day.

Games are great. Tag! Tic, Tac, Toe! How Big? What Kind of Ball?

Games are for all. Young. Old. Small. Tall.

Some are “you and me” games. Some are “for a few” games.


For some games people wear green clothes.


Others wear orange clothes.

For some games you sit down.

For some you run with a ball,

Down the hall,

To the other side of the room, to the other side of the yard. (To the other side of a field.)

When you get to the spot,

When you put both hands in the air,


We clap and smile!


block book #8


(My hobby for 2014 is board/block books for kids ages 0-3. These first books are often a “handful” of pages in length and have a few words and pictures or illustrations on each page. These books are helps to teach our kids or grandkids. They are for fun. They help them learn and move to the front of the line in their “before school years.” Some pictures for the book are attached.)




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