That Much

That Much


Each house has rooms. Down the hall in your house are your walls. The place where you sleep. Your room!

Your Bedroom

We do these things at night when you go to bed and these words are said.

First we ask, “How much do we love you?” Then we touch a wall and then another. “That much!” From here to there. Wall to wall love.

“How much do we love you?” Jumping to touch the roof up there and reaching to touch the rug down there. “That much!” Roof to rug love.

“How much do we love you?” Knocking on the door and walking over and to tap the window. “That much!” Door to widow love.

Stuffed Animal - Flash

“How much do we love you?” Putting pillows under your head, pulling covers close to you, placing stuffed animals by your side, and a prayer whispered in your ear. “That much!” Putting, pulling, placing and praying love.

Teddy Bear

With a smile we switch off the goodnight light!

bc* – board/block book – #6

My hobby for 2014 is board/block books for kids ages 0-3. These first books are often 6-12 pages in length and have a few words and pictures or illustrations on each page. These books are helps to teach our kids or grandkids. They help them learn and move to the front of the line in their “before school years.” Pictures for the book are attached below.


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