Sir Flash Went Out One Night


Sir Flash went out one night. The door to where the car is parked was left open. Oops.

His head looked back and forth for a while.

He saw the moon and stars.


He saw a frog.


He saw an owl.


When he saw the owl he started to howl.

Then he started to run with his short legs.

When he stopped his big eyes got wide and he looked side to side.  


Where was his house?

He saw the cat from his home, which was good, he was lost.


She seemed to know her way back to the house.

Sir Flash went home with her.

He followed her home with a wag of his long tail and a smile on his long face. 

He went in through the open door and found his bed.

He was safe.

He curled up and without a sound went to sleep.

With a smile he dreamed about his new friends, his home and warm bed!


bc* – block book #3 

My hobby for 2014 is board/block books for kids ages 0-3. These first books are often 6-12 pages in length and have a few words on each page. These books are helps to teach your kids or grandkids. They help them learn and move to the front of the line in their before school years. The pictures for the book are attached .


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