Hi M,

One great thing about your birthday coming tomorrow is the date will always be linked with two dates. Christmas and New Years. Right in the midst will be your day. Stories about your arrival will be told. Smiling faces will tell the stories. Pictures will come out of albums and be displayed on cameras. And then … more stories will be told. Little one, forever and ever the time of your birth will be told. It has been many, many years and we still tell the Christmas story, the details of His birth. Teasured stories. Parents, grandparents, great grandparents will tell of the day you joined the family. Today a picture of my great, great grandpa was posted for many close to us to see. That was a long time ago. We still remember his days. It will not be long before we areĀ celebrating your first year with us. When you wake up (a dark time, then when it is light time) … it will be your birthday! Trust me … we remember.

Birthday stuff is quite fun. Cake. This cake will have a light stick. (Just one this year.) Their will be a gift or two. (Yep … like Christmas.) And there will be lots of laughs and great big grins. (One of those grins will be mine!)

Day #27. A looking forward to day #28 day!

Love you little one,



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