Hi M,

wrapping paper

After! Day #26. The day after Christmas. (Was that fun or what?) Some stuff is given away. Some stuff is shared with others. Some stuff gets tossed. Stuff that was used as paper for wrapping gifts. (Some the cat played with!) Or used boxes wind up in trash bags. “Days after” are good. Stuff is put where they belong soon. Toys in the toybox. Clothes in the closet or a drawer. Stuffed animals on the bed or on your shelf. Books stacked. Pictures displayed.

“Days after” … days after the day … after Christmas also has another story.  After Christmas a long time ago, the angels went home. The shepherds who had come to the “little” One’s birthday had to go back to their work. The music and the loud noise (shouting) was remembered, but now gone. (M, you may notice the relatives may leave, smiling faces are little more familar.) The lights (the star) moves. The Christmas tree will come down soon. The presents go from “under the tree” to “in your room.” The “day after” is good because Christmas and birthdays come each year! You know what? These “festive” days (smiling days) will come again. May you be blessed with many more little one, many more.

M, speaking of birthdays. Two days till your first birthday! As your birthday approaches and the new year (more on that later) comes closer you will get to do the things you are used to doing. We call those things a “routine.” Getting up, getting ready for the day, getting dressed, eating, going places. Christmas and birthdays are special, fun days! And one more is coming soon.

Lots of love,



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