Hi M,

Christmas Star

Day #23! Christmas Eve Eve! The day before Christmas is called Christmas Eve and in “teasing” we have often called the day before Christmas Eve Christmas Eve Eve. (It will make sense one day.) Finishing up preparing for Christmas Day. Can you sense it? The excitement is building! It won’t be long now.


M, not only is this the time of year Christmas comes, but also birthdays as you have heard. We have already celebrated one earlier in the month. You know yours is coming soon! Today is actually the birthday of your great grandfather. (Yep … your grandpa’s father.) He is with God in heaven now, but we pause to celebrate his birth today. M, everybody has a birthday and the life they live, the things they do are worth remembering and smiling as you recall their impact upon your life. You may not always understand one another. What they do, how they act, but in the case of mom’s and dad’s (grandparents and great grandparents) their love is always appreciated. (You learn to embrace that more as the years roll by.) Years ago, (yep … Seattle years) … my father saw my kids. It was a happy time. If he were able to see you … wow … happy times two!

Love you little one, and for your great grandpa … lots of love, Merry Christmas Eve Eve,



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