Hi M,


Day #19!

Finally! Went to get my haircut today. (It’s been a few months. Since before the medical adventure. Must say … the hair and the goatee were getting quite long … since you had a great grip on the goatee … decided to keep the length … it is actually more than my fist length down from my chin!)

You know else? In preparation for Christmas … bought a couple of small items for the Christmas boxes. (Including M&Ms!)

Hope you are enjoying fun Christmas music (songs and tunes) this year!

M, this another one of those Christmas thoughts for “one day.”

Tee shirts often have words on them. Sort of like“bumper stickers for humans.” (Another one of those things that will make you laugh one day.) Your grandpa saw one one day that read, “real men sing real loud.” It is nice to hear someone sing well, but it is also is good to hear someone sing loud and enjoy the words of the song they are singing. Some people (like your grandpa) … do not sing well … but can sing loud on occasion. Just “happy to be singing” kind of guy Especially in the company of others. (OK many others.)

There is a great Christmas phrase, “A great company (many) of the heavenly host appeared with the angel praising God and saying, ‘Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace to men on whom His favor rests.’” (Lk2:13, 14)

The “heavenly hosts” (Curious who they are?) and the angel (Guess this one sang well!) sung/said some amazing stuff.

Since there were a lot of them, a lot of them … bet it was loud. Real angels sing real loud. (Angels … wait until you hear about those …)

In a church setting there is often a balance between “reverence” and “rejoicing?” Too much “reverence” and the music and the message becomes a dirge (very slow, “not a happy” song) and the “Charlie Brown adult voice” … “wah … wah … wah … wah.” Too much rejoicing and you get a circus. (Wonder when the clowns may come in.) A balance between a “holy hush” and a “holy high five” is what we often want. Especially at with Christmas songs.

In the Lk2 story, the “holy high five” (Might want to practice one of those) moment from the “heavenly host” and the “holy hush” (Sssshhhh …) from Mary (and I’m sure Joseph) is a time during the Christmas days that she treasured and pondered these moments in her heart?

Hmmm … “We wish you a Merry Christmas and … a happy Birthday.”

Love you little one,



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