Hi M,


Guess what? As you learn the days of the week (like you don’t already know them) … you’ll know that Christmas is just one week away! Day #18! Right now there are Christmas cards, Christmas cookies and Christmas carols. (Songs.) “The most wonderful time of the year.” Christmas and your birthday are always going to be linked because the two dates are so close together. That just means “joy” times two!

M, last year as we were “counting down till Christmas” and your coming. Your grandpa wrote down a few, ok a bunch of thoughts. The reason that they are being written here is for you to have them as you grow. Just a little “here’s what your grandpa was thinking about Christmas” stuff.

(For “growing up” times)

Do you have a nickname? A special name? Yep … that’s were “M” came from!

My Father called me “#1 Son.” He called my sister “Bug” and my brother, “Cowboy.”

My kids were involved in sports. They got nicknames. Tae Kwon Do nicknames, thought they were involved in other endeavors.  My daughter was called (is called) “Tiger.” My son’s nickname, … “Wild Man.” Maybe a little explanation is needed. You know he is a martial art’s instructor now. Just think, “Where does an instructor go for instruction?” Him. It’s pretty nice walking around with your own bodyguard.The flurry of activity needed at a tournament lead to the nickname.

Car names is a whole art. We want to drive cars with exciting names. Cougar. Mustang. Name a car “Warthog” and you can’t give it away.

Did you know they make a list of baby names? Often someone wants a dainty name for a little girl. A strong, masculine name for a boy. (Names like Bryan … just teasing.)

There are many names associated with Christmas? The Baby and Child are familiar terms this time of year. There are others. From Is9 … Wonderful Counselor … Mighty God … Everlasting Father … Prince of Peace. From Mt … Jesus Christ … Jesus … Immanuel … King of the Jews … Christ … A Ruler … A Shepherd … (God calls Him) My Son … A Nazarene. From Lk … Son of the Most High … The Holy One … Son of God … My Lord … Lord … God my Savior … Savior … The Lord. From John … The Word … The True Light … The One … The Only.

He has great names! (At Christmas and all times.)

You know one of my favorite names? M.

Love you little one,



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