Hi M,

Three Wise Men

Day 17! Just a a few more days. Christmas is coming! Your birthday is coming! Your first Christmas. Your first birthday. A happy time of year.

Bet your mom is looking forward to Christmas. She will be able to stop teaching for several days and spend the time with you. It will be cherished time. (“Big hug” time.)

A great thing to do this time of is go Christmas light looking! There’s a neighborhood near that is always worth the drive and the look. Hope there is one near you.

(This story is for a future day.)

If we could go back many, many years and see Christmas long ago, there would be fantastic things to see. The Manger scene? The first moment when Mary and Joseph looked at the Baby Jesus? Hearing the Angels shouting? (Don’t know if they had “high-fives” or “fist bumps” in the day, but a “shout out” would have been right for the time. May want to practice those.) The Wise Men?

Everyone would like to see the very first Christmas light. It was a star. More specific, “His star.” There is a service which gives you the right to name your own star, in part because there’s that many. Having your own star. How cool is that? Apparently one day it wasn’t there and one day it was. It looked like it was moving. Seen some moving Christmas lights in my day. A moving star?Seen shooting stars. This one was different.

When the star stopped, there was a much joy! The baby was there.

This time of year, seeing the stars, seeing a star on top of a Christmas tree … joy … a smile … a sight to see!

Merry Christmas!

Love you little one,



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