Hi M,


Day #13! It won’t be long. Christmas is coming! Your first Christmas! Your birthday is coming! (Worked on a project today for “after your birthday” day. Think it will be fun.)

In addition to Christmas baking, cookies, decorating, lights, music, presents and trees. The people of the nativity have always fascinated me. A couple of nativity scenes have decorated my office throughout the year. We see the Child. Mary. The Angels. A Star. The Shepherds. The Wise Men. A few animals are often in the scene. And … a man by the name of Joseph. He is an important guy in this tale.  We’re told about the arrival of Jesus and that Mary treasured these moments and pondered them in her heart. (Lk2:19) Some of the stuff we are told about Joseph was part of the moments that Mary treasured.

He loved Mary very much. (Mt1:21)

Mary and Jesus were in his care. (Mt2:13)

He made sure Mary and Jesus were in the best of places. (Mt2:19,20)

This time of year it is good to be reminded of love, to enjoy the care of others around us and being thankful to be in a safe place.

Love you little one,



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