Hi M,

Snowy Backgroud


“Single digit” cold! “Uncomfortable to go outside” cold. “Wait to build a snowman” cold. “Stay inside” cold! Yep … December weather.

Bought some groceries today. Mailed some stuff today. Went to the see the medical people today. Good report. (That is always what you want to hear when you go and see medical people.)  They still want me to stay in the carseat without the steering wheel for a few more weeks.

You know what day it is? Day #12! Not next week, but the next week … Christmas! You know one of the things we have done for years and years. (Yep … a lot of days … weeks … and months.) Fill boxes with “goodies.” … (There’s a fun word!) While your grandpa was at the store … picked out a few items. “Goodies.” … Fun to say … give … and get!

Christmas time last year, it was close to your arrival. Didn’t have a grandchild. Heard about them. Had seem them. But … didn’t have one. And then … you have a child in your life. In your case … a granddaughter!

When my oldest was born, (your aunt with the camera) they (medical people) said it was OK to go home from the hospital. She was tucked in warmly, and buckled her in the car seat. Got in the front. Looked at one another and said almost in tandem. “What do we do now?”

Almost instinctively as a parent we know what to do. Those feelings come or come back when you have a grandchild. When the child is close we feel and think, “This child is beautiful” thoughts, provisional and protective thoughts, loving thoughts, “You are a treasure” thoughts.

One thought this Christmas is a phase “Unto us a Child is given.” (Is9:6)

When a “child” arrives there is a unique relationship, a special bond. We feel that with you.

What a treasure this “Christmas” One is.

Love you little one,




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