Hi M,


Day 10! Christmas lights. Christmas music. Christmas Trees. Presents. Pagents. Crowds. Cookies! (Hope you get to try some of those!) Wonderful time of year. (There’s a song about such.)

Today was a cold day. One of the things you will notice about December is it is festive, a happy time of year, but the weather is … well … wacky. (There’s a word for you.) Very pleasant one day. Something else the next.

M, in the Something’s Missing Mrs. Pajamas story and the nativity scenes that were mentioned the other day there is what are called the three kings, Magi, (there’s a word) … some call them “wise men.” One day you may wonder (like your grandpa did) why the wise men are called wise men?  Perhaps because they were people of faith. They just trusted in the right stuff. My hope is that you become of person of faith as you grow. It took special faith to follow “His” special star. You will find that Jesus, the reason we celebrate Christmas is a pretty spectacular star in His own right. Another explanation for the wise men being wise is they wanted to get a close look at Him. You’ll find that describes many people. Another observation is they gave Him gifts. Big. Small. Unique. One day you will learn about gifts of gold, and stuff. M, it is always good to learn to give.

Three Wise Men

One of my favorite presents from last Christmas was three “wise men.” They are displayed all year. In a key space at Christmas. Three wise men remind me of three ways they were wise and how we can be wise.

This is a big lesson for a little girl, but if you hear us say it early enough and often enough … just maybe … it will make this season a little more special.

Love you little one,



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