Hi M,

Red Christmas Gift

Did you Saturday go well? Hope so. You know this day # seven of the December and birthday watch. Now the celebration of this month is because the key festive day is the 25th. A couple of birthday before, THE DAY, and the special birthday … yours! One year old! Festive and fun month.

Did a little Christmas decorating today. In addition to the Christmas tree, brought a Christmas light post with a bear on it out. (To join the other Christmas bears … a total of seven … yep … matches the day.) And a Christmas wreath (Wait until you see wreaths) with a couple of the Christmas bears. These bears are wearing Santa hats. One nativity set is front and center and there is another set of three wise men. The boxes are part of the room. A story to be told in the days to come. (We’ve done that for a while. Fun thing to do.) Looking forward to learning what you do at Christmas. Know it will be miles of smiles.

M, this is the time of year when we wrap gifts for those around us. Some use expensive paper with a themed pattern, some use newspaper, some brown paper, some add ribbons and bows, some give the gift in a bag or “as is.” Some gifts are a bit challenging to wrap than those with a boxy shape. Thinking tricycles, balls, lamps, mannequins. The reason a mannequin is mention, was because … actually bought a 6 foot tall mannequin one year! You should see him “decked out.” (Another phrase for dressed up.) Good days.

A consideration this time of year is the wrapping of the first Christmas gift! The tale is great. Some think it was the gifts brought be the wise men. But this gift came before then … the wrapping of the first Christmas gift.

“She wrapped Him in cloths and placed Him in a manger.” (Lk2:12)

It is good to be joyful and thankful … for that first and greatest Christmas gift wrapped of all.

Love you little one,



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