Hi M,


We have snow! How about you? Yep … enough for a snowman. The challenge … cold … very cold … “stay inside” cold.

This is day number (#) six of the birthday and Christmas month. Love the Christmas stuff that comes out this time of year. Told you about the Christmas tree, lights and bears. One my things are the three “wise men” in nativity scenes. (Have two nativity sets here. Pretty cool.) Christmas music! (Might turn my attention that way this evening.)

There’s a picture of my first Christmas that caused me to think of your upcoming first Christmas. M, in the days to come you will enjoy this time more and more. Not just gifts, (Wait until you see those!) but having friends, family around you (Yep … like the Something’s Missing Mrs. Pajamas story) … and remembering the story of another birthday.

A phrase we often read this time of year is “This is how the birth of Jesus came about.” Many stories are told of His birth. And then a few days later … the stories will be told of … your birth. Fun season.

Love you little one,



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