Hi M,

Countdown day number five! Hope it has been a good one. You remember me talking about the snow that was coming? It has started! Looking out the widow right now … it is coming down. Who knows what the next few hours and couple of days will bring. Let’s put out the “Stay inside … stay warm and dry” Advisory. And … if the snow piles up … we’ll repost the “snowman” picture. (We’ll do it anyway!)


Guess what happened last night? Plugged in the Christmas tree! The Christmas tree here has lights and bears! One bear (stuffed animal) on the ground. Two bears in the tree. The Christmas tree has a burlap sack at the bottom. Must admit it is a cool tree. (Might post a picture of it.)

No! Didn’t forget. Something’s Missing Mrs. Pajamas, part 3 is below.

Something’s Missing Mrs. Pajamas 

(part 3)

He was right.

Where was Jesus?

Everybody looked at each other. Their eyes got big. Real big. Truthfully, they had forgotten. The children were too young to have a real baby in the pageant, so they were just using a doll wrapped in a blanket. In the middle of all the details of the play and the playing, they had simply forgotten to put Jesus where He belonged. He was suppose to be n the middle of the manger. he was suppose to be in the center of every scene.

Something’s really missing when Jesus is not front and center or even in the scene.

What’s Christmas without Jesus?

Mrs. Pajamas thought for a long time about that one.

You could tell the kids did too.

If it wasn’t the night before the big day, she might even rewrite the script and have scene three open without Jesus and make the point that something is missing if you don’t have Christ in Christmas.

What’s Christmas without Jesus?

Sometimes in the middle of buying and baking, the running and rehearsing, in the middle of the long lines … and the signs that say … Season Greetings … Happy Hloidays … there can be something missing.

Sometimes something’s missing even in the middle of a Christmas pageant.

Boy, they had learned that lesson tonight.

It was funny how they had learned that friends and family make Christmas fun, but Christ makes Christmas Christmas.

The big night finally came. The place was packed.

“Quickly children, get to your places. Tonight, this is the night. Lights, Curtain, Action!”All the characters were in their places. The music faded. The house lights dimmed. The curtain opened slowly.

The wise men were there. So were the shepherds. Mary and Joseph were right where they were suppose to be. And front and center was Jesus.

It was Landon who said in a loud whisper … “Nothing’s missing, Mrs. Pajamas!”

Everybody backstage laughed. Everybody in the audience did too. It was a very loud whisper!

Mrs. Pajamas just smiled.

The pageant was perfect.

Every year after that year, Mrs. Pajamas remembered the “Something’s Missing” pageant. As a matter of fact every time she saw a nativity scene in someone’s home or a manger scene on someone’s lawn, anytime she received a Christmas card with pictures of Wise Men, Shepherds, Mary, Joseph and Jesus … she always remembers her favorite Christmas pageant ever.

She remembers seeing Christ in the middle of ever scene and the loud whisper of little Shepherd boy, saying “Nothing’s Missing, Mrs. Pajamas.”

May you have a “nothing’s missing” Merry Christmas this year!

Love you little one,



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