Hi M,

How was your day? Hope it went well. Mine was pretty much a phone call day. Suppose to have “snowman” weather coming tomorrow night. How cool. Keep you posted. (There’s a phrase to ask your mom about.)

Yesterday we started the “Something’s Missing Mrs. Pajamas” story. It is in three parts. Tonight is part two.

Something’s Missing Mrs. Pajamas

(Part 2)

Wait a minute! Something’s missing!

Where are the wise men and shepherds? Mrs. Pajamas yelled, “cut!”

The lights came on.

Two of the three wise men had made a last minute run to the water fountain. (You know how thirsty boys can get!) One of the shepherd boys had fallen asleep on a church pew. Another shepherd boy had ripped his robe and refused to walk out on stage now that his Spiderman underwear was now outerwear!

Mrs. Pajamas thought she had seen it all. She just smiled. She had a feeling from the time the curtain went up that something was missing.

She found herself thinking about that for a moment.

Sometimes it just doesn’t feel like Christmas, even though it is almost Christmas. Sometimes it just feels like something is missing. You really can’t describe it. It is just a feeling. Something is not right. And then you realize something’s missing.

What is Christmas without friends?

Friends! New ones. Old ones. Young ones. Old ones. Some well to do. Some not doing too well. Some that live nearby. Some that are coming over the river and through the woods from far away places.

Mrs. Pajamas sure liked having her friends around at Christmas. She sent them Christmas cards and baked them Christmas cookies. One night some of them would eat in and another night they would eat out. They would go to Church. They would go to the mall. Mrs. Pajamas had some “shop till you drop” friends that enjoyed giving gifts as much as she did.

Mrs. Pajamas would make sure nothing was missing from her Christmas this year. She would be sure she had a surplus of friends around to help her celebrate Christmas.

If it wasn’t the night before the big day, she might even rewrite the script and have scene one open with the boys and wise guys. She would make the point that something is missing if you don’t have friends around at Christmas.

What is Christmas without friends?

“Quickly children, get to your places! Tonight we have to get it right. The big day will be here before you know it. Lights! Curtain! Action!” [She never got tired of saying that!]

The music faded. The house lights dimmed. The curtain opened slowly.

(Part 3 tomorrow!)

By the way (another interesting phrase) … talked to the “nativity” scene people (wait until you see one of those) about getting sets to go with the “Something’s Missing” story. The “nativity” and story has been a fun “tradition” each year.

Happy day number four!

Love you little one,



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