Hi M,

Hope you are enjoying this “two day” of December. Birthdays and Christmas are coming. It is the month that we get to smile a while. It is always a few days till someone’s birthday or Christmas. How cool. Your first Christmas! Your first birthday! Anticipate and celebrate! (Look forward to the day! Be happy for the day! Enjoy the day!)

One of the things about your grandpa is that ideas are never far away. You know one of the things that would be fun? To have a set of blocks that have that are numbered 1 all the way to 24. (1,2,3,4,5 … ) and two spaces on the blocks that have a star and another that has a birthday candle. (Yep … contacted the block people not too long ago.) This way every time this time of year these blocks (on the mantle, a table, under the tree or in your room) could help remind us of the great days ahead.

We talk about festive days, this is a festive bunch of days!

There are some great stories (and pictures) about your birth. As you get a little older you’ll hear the story of Jesus’ birth. It is found in Mt1 and 2. Great story!

Love you little one,








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