Hi M,

How was your day? Hope it went well. Routine day? Or “can’t believe this happened today” day? Crawl cool places today? Go anyplace special in your carseat today? Kind of a routine day here. Your aunt did take me to the store. It was a “low on medicine” run. The reason your aunt took me is still a little result of the medical adventure. The medical people have not “cleared” me to drive yet. So riding in a car is no problem …. yep … can buckle up … usually my carseat is the passenger seat … just can’t sit in the front driver side carseat yet.

Looking forward to tomorrow. Know what happens? It is the beginning of December. (Soon you’ll learn about the months. There are twelve of them. That is all of your fingers and two toes.) December is a great month for a few reasons. The Christmas season starts. You love that day. You grandmother Carter’s birthday is in December. Your great grandfather’s birthday is a couple of days before Christmas. Christmas is coming. (You’ll love that day!) And then … your birthday is coming. (Tell you what.) Let’s just go ahead and celebrate the whole month. All of December. We are days from a fun day, so we’ll just celebrate the whole month.

PTL are letters that you will hear and learn soon. They stand for “Praise the Lord.” One of the things you will learn is that (PTL) is repeated a couple of times in Ps150. We especially want to “PTL” when something that touches our heart happens. (Like a birthday … especially the one coming on the 28th.)

Love you little one,





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