Hi M,

The day after Thanksgiving is usually a “leftover” day. On Thanksgiving there is a lot of food and today we eat what is “leftover.” Sometimes the family or friends who came to visit are still around, so you can still enjoy time with them. Not an official festive day, but it can still be an enjoyable time.

One of the joys from yesterday was seeing the picture that your mom posted. You are getting so big. (The “So Big” game is fun to play!) You are so beautiful. And the stuff you must be learning. (One of my joking comments is “See what happens when you keep feeding them.”) Good growing. You are a beautiful girl. Smart.

One of the good things about reading and writing daily are the great phrases you often come across. Today it was this phrase, “I remember the days of long ago.” (Ps143:5) As the days roll by … and the words roll off my lips … and thoughts are written to you … it is amazing the memories, the good memories of good days that come to mind.

Love you little one,




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