Hi M,

Hope you like the new background for the notes!

You know those festive (happy) days we have talked about? Another one is coming up. Thanksgiving. Your first. Not your first festive day, but first Thanksgiving. Many people get a little extra time to spend with ones they care about at home. It is a fun day that you will enjoy.

Hope you day went well. My morning was full. (Medical stuff … grocery stuff … phone stuff.) The afternoon was a little light. Other than the fact it is cold (very cold) outside, the day has gone well here.

A few days ago it was mentioned that a new writing project was in thought. Worked on it again today. Think it will be ready tomorrow. Hope you like it over the years.

The blessing today is from the 27th day of Ps. “May the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth, bless you .” (Ps134:3) May He bless you as we enjoy these days of thanks.

Love you little one,


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