Hi M,

Feel like a phone is growing out of my ear. That means there were bunches of phone calls today. (Not sure if we should look forward to that day or not.) Phones are an interesting item. When your grandpa was a kid, phones looked and worked differently than they do today. They were just placed places in the home. Had what were called “land lines” and “rotary” dials. When my kids first saw one. They just looked at it. They didn’t know how to use it. Because the phones of today have buttons that you push rather than dial. “Wireless” has replaced being hooked up or plugged in. Your grandpa even remembers the first cell phones. Before phones had cameras and web connections … they were about the size of … you when you were born. Wonder what phones will be like when you are a little older?

You know what? Your grandpa has lived to see his “children’s children.” (See “back in the day” pictures.) Must admit when your aunt was born … that was a good day. My first. When you were born … that was a good day. First grandchild. M, may you enjoy a long life and “May you live to see your children’s children.” (Ps128:6)

GC* - holding M copy386682_554337417840_1395744600_n

Of course … we want you to enjoy “childhood” (being a kid) right now.

Love you little one,



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