Hi M,

Hope your day went well. Hope you got to wear cute (and warm) clothes. Had fun “car seating.” Crawling. Spent time with caring people. All the “c” things that make a good day. Had a full day here. “Here and there” time. Spent some time with the medical people this afternoon. (Have a picture of you with medical people.) M - crying in nurse's hands - #12:29

Always good to get a good report from them. (Did get an “ouwie” on my arm … from the flu shot.) Mailed stuff. (Wait until you hear about mail.) Grocery stuff.

The highlight of the day was spending part of the day with your aunt. (Yep … your name came up. She is looking forward to the niece … (and cousin) times ahead. (We talked about writing for two.) Good days ahead.

Speaking of writing for two. Do you know that since the day we announced your arrival, there has not been a day that a note has not been sent your way. (Well … there was the one “medical adventure” … to be candid … don’t remember much about those two days.) Looking forward to celebrating your first birthday and then welcoming a second “little one” in a few months. M from the 21st day of Ps comes these words, “Let this be written for a future generation” Ps102:18. When my thoughts turn to you and your “coming” cousin … may these notes be written to encourage a future generation.

Love you little one,



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