Hi M,

Kind of a quiet day. Not a lot of activity, noise or stuff day. What might be called a “think” day or a “ponder” stuff day. Friday for me is a often a ponder “family” day. How is your great grandma doing? Your grandparents? How is mom? How is dad?  In my case, pondering kids (two) … siblings (two) and their families is a Friday thing. How are you doing? (Grandchild #1!) M, these are the people in my “bubble” … family that merit my “best wishes” … thoughts and care. Perhaps as you grow older you will appreciate/see/understand the value and develop the discipline of setting aside some moments routinely to “ponder” those close to you, who love you.

Speaking of those who love … glad to be counted in that number.

My prayer and blessing for you from the 15th day of Ps. “But as for me, it is good to be near God.” (Ps73:28)

All the days of your life, little one,




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