Hi M,

Hope your day went well!

It was great to see your aunt today. (My little one.) She came over this afternoon to help me pack. (Picture frames. She learned to pack those in Scotland while working at an art gallery. Wait until you see Scotland on a map. It is a far away land. Yep … she has some great pictures she took over there. As well as some fun stories to tell.)

Nearing completion of the packing process. Planning to move in a couple of days. Should be ready.

Adventure of the day … had a piece of a bonfire today. Burning some last moment stuff. Stayed away away. (*For future reference you might want to check twice to make sure the debris does not include spray cans … yep … three were in there today … hands over your ears loud.) Whoa.

Inside the house, we talked for a few moments about you and her “coming soon” little guy (who kicked during the spray can stuff) … what we plan to call him. Also mentioned the plan to write for two. Mentioned that prior to your arrival your grandpa starting writing the beginning of November. (Several weeks before you were born.) Just to see if the discipline was there to write a few lines everyday. It was. Beginning when the new year starts (after your birthday) your grandpa will start writing to both of you. Right now the notes are signed “gc” … (Grandpa Carter) … in a few months you’ll see a “gc**” … two grandchildren! (Double happiness!)

Love you little one,



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