Hi M,

Good day? Hope so. Count to three day. One. Two. Three.  Rained most/all day and is still. The weather people say … rain … rain … more rain … then some wind. Stay inside stuff. (You should see the leaves on the ground!) Today is also another one of those festive days. Orange and black are the main colors. Costumes (Heard you were dressing up as Cinderella. How fun!) and candy. Say “trick or treat” or just smile and people will give you candy. (Does it sound like fun or what?) Many neighborhoods are changing the “trick or treat” time to tomorrow due to the rainy weather. Topic number three. “Box” day. The boxes for the upcoming move came today. Already filled up up a few. Moving (again) not this weekend but next.

M, it is always good to listen to your mom. Through the years she will teach you well. Todays thought is from Pr31. We are told a very important man (a king) was taught stuff by his mother. Above all voices listen to your mom.

Love you little one,




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