Hi M,

For the most part Hemi is an outside dog. Chases balls and sticks. Brings them back to you. Goes for walks with grandpa. Follows his nose. Runs here and there. Sleeps. Doesn’t bark much. (Much.) But … birds …  squirrels … and strangers (to him) … on the property. You know it. He lets them know that it is his yard. (In a barking, loud way not a mean way.) We have a driveway that many people use to turn around in. Hemi lets them know that he is here and they may not want to enter his fence without permission. He barked a car away today. (Heard and watched it. It was funny.) It is great having a “watch out for you” dog.

M, we have had two dogs. Sir Flash (Yep … some of the stories written to you are about Flash.) and Hemi. Flash didn’t bark much either. (Except when your aunt played her flute. Those were some fun moments.) Moral of the story … it does not hurt to be warned of strange cars and wild flute players!

Love you little one,




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