Hi M,

A little chilly today. Sometimes it is hot in the summer and cold in winter. Fall is the time of year that it starts getting a little cooler. A little chilly. Long sleeves … jackets and sweaters … layers of clothes … an extra blanket are all good things this time of year. Hope you stayed warm today. M, another thing that you may notice today … as the leaves turn different colors … they fall from the trees … (yep … some land on the driveway) … the trees have less and less leaves … pretty soon they will have just limbs and branches. There are four seasons … this is a beautiful one.

Why does your grandpa mention the weather often? As you grow and get a little older it is good M to just slow down and notice the great stuff around you. There’s a saying “Stop and smell the roses” (flowers) … that also means stop and watch the leaves (and walnuts) falling.

Enjoy the day little one, love you,




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