Hi M,

Guess what today is? Camel/hump day! Mega (lots of) leaves falling day.

Went for a walk with Hemi tagging along. After we had walked a little ways, he caught the scent of something. (Dogs tend to follow their noses.) And started digging. Not exactly sure what it was, but it was fun to watch him so focused on another creature. He barks at birds … squirels. (In the ground creatures.) A few times as we were walking he brought a football to me to throw, so he could run and get it. You throw it. He goes and gets it. Drops it at your feet. Baseball. Football. Tennis ball. Frisbee. Funny to see a football in his mouth. Stick. He can run so fast and he never seems to get tired. He’s a great pet.

M, one the things your grandpa does is … try to keep track of days. Today is one of those days. It has been 50 days (A whole lot of days) since a medical adventure. (The couple of days of “no notes” from me.) Almost 10 months ago, your mom went into the hospital where you were born. We have pictures. You (and your mom) were in good hands. The people that care for you there … help keep you well. The “hospital people” took very good care of your grandpa. They were very kind to me. M, it my hope that your hospital times are rare, other than “check ups” to see that you are healthy and strong. Growing well stuff.

Love you little one,



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