Hi M,

Other than my cooking (food) adventure today, it was a “normal” fall day. Rained a little. Talked on the phone a bit. The leaves falling caught my eye. That’s about it from my house. How about your day? Pick out some warm clothes to wear? Have some  good meals? Feeling good? Growing? Bringing “miles of smiles” to your family?

M, there’s a phrase in the 15th day of Ps that also caught my eye today. “Sea to sea.” My hometown is near the east coast of Va. The Atlantic Ocean is pretty impressive when you see it for the first time. Anytime as a matter of fact. (Just the smell of sea water is something that you never forget.) And the Pacific Ocean is something amazing. When we lived in WA it was something we saw often. In Ps72 we are told God oversees things from “sea to sea.” One of my prayers for you that is as you grow that you get to see “sea to sea.” Spectacular.

Love you little one,




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