Hi M,

Another one of those festive, holiday day days. Columbus Day. No colors, costumes or ornaments associated with this day … just certain things are closed, certain services are not offered and an extra day is added to the weekend. It is called an “extended weekend.” (This day is to celebrate a guy who sailed the ocean and landed in a land that is now our home.) The next festive day coming up, there are costumes and candy … (yep … you may get some M&Ms) associated with that day/night.

This was another “leaf falling” day. It looked like it was snowing leaves this morning. Remember me telling you that we cleaned the leaves (and walnuts) off the driveway a couple of days ago. It is covered with leaves again! (And heard, didn’t see, but heard the woodpecker again.)

Hope your day went well and that you got to enjoy the leaf piles.

Love you little one,




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