Hi M,

Hope your day went well. After a walk this morning, had a chance to sit on the bench near the fire pit for a few moments and watch Hemi. (Got the green bench at a yard sale. Wait until you see the stuff at one of those.) He just did “dog stuff” … including chasing a squirrel. He’s fast, very fast … but the squirel was faster today. Dogs like to chase, but squirrels can climb. It was fun to watch.

Heard from your aunt today. She invited me to the “revealing” party they are having tomorrow night. Tomorrow is when they find out whether a little guy and little girl will be joining their family. Should be a good evening. (Yep … you’ll know the gal/guy thing soon.)

Your grandpa is looking forward to writing notes to the two of you and seeing pictures of both of you. Since you are a little older you can teach her/him stuff. (Like how to “clap your hands” … the 10th day of Ps. – Ps47:1)

Love you little one,




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