Hi M,

Another great sun shiny, not a cloud in the sky, fall day. Hope you had a good day growing and doing “little people” stuff. When your aunt and dad were small that is what your grandpa called them … “little people.” Not sure where it started. Perhaps because they were little. Perhaps because they had toys that were called “little people.” It was a fun name at a fun time. (Can’t call them that now that your aunt is getting ready to have a “little” person of her own and your dad is taller than me!)

Walked. Played with Hemi. Picked up a few sticks and limbs for a future bonfire. Once again hope you had a good “camel/hump” day.

M, one of the reason for these writings is referred to in the 9th day of Ps. Ps44:1 talks about hearing with your ears, being told by your fathers (and grandfathers) what God did “in their days.” (“Days long ago.”) God has been good to me throughout my days. And my prayer is life would be good to you also.

Love you little one,




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