Hi M,

It was a great sun shiny day today … and you know who came over? The metal detector man. (Wait until you learn about what he does.) He’s been here a few times now. He found a few cool items. A brass button from the 1880s. (A long, long time ago.) Several coins. (Pieces of money.) One coin over 100 hundred years old. (Yep … that’s older then your grandpa!) Also walked. Threw the ball with Hemi.

Hope your day went well.

M, one of my favorite thoughts is from the 8th day of Ps. We are encouraged to be generous (share and give our stuff to others) and trust people with our stuff (lend freely, it says) … and … we are promised that  the next generation (our children … your grandpa believes and our grandchildren) will be blessed. (Good stuff will happen.) That’s a good thought … hmmm. (Ps37:26)

Love you little one,




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