Hi M,

It started out cooler this morning and then the sun warmed everything as the day continued. Must admit it was chilly for the late morning walk. Ran one errand and it as it got warmer … got in a lawn mowing. (Yep … with the leaves … and sticks … and nuts.) The walk and the mowing was relaxing. And … even the driveway cleaning. (Should be ok until tomorrow … and then more leaves and nuts fall.) M, during the walk (and mowing) if you listen you can hear “thuds” … walnuts (the size of one of the balls Hemi runs and gets) fall to the ground. You never want to be underneath one of those “thuds.”

Being outside each day you can for a few moments, playing with a cat or dog, looking at stuff … relaxes the soul. (You’ll learn a little more about as you grow.)

My prayer for you comes from the 7th day of Ps. May you enjoy the greatness and goodness of God. (Ps31:19)

Love you little one,




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