Hi M,

Must admit, it has been a good day. How about yours? What did your grandpa do? Had a chance to walk. Worked on the bonfire pit a bit. Thought about it being a great place to toast marsh mellows, make smores (wait until you taste those) and cook hot dogs. Threw the ball for Hemi a few (dozen) times. And … mowed a part of the lawn. (It had been a while.) Remind me to show you the owl on the side porch. It will make you laugh. It was a good way to wrap up the last day of the month.

Bet you are learning stuff everyday. It is fun to learn and grow. Learning is often called knowledge. You learn things, discover stuff … you know things. M … as you get older, learn things, may you get wiser … and have knowledge of the Holy One. (Pr30)

Love you little one,




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