Hi M,


Hi M,

Happy 9 months!

Hope you had a great day.

Yep … your grandpa has a story  … let’s go with the “Sir Flash and the Beach Creatures” story on this birthday.

Flash Sketch - #3Sir Flash and the Beach Creatures

He couldn’t believe they left his crate on the runway. A few of strange looking (meaning Flash had never seen them before) two leggeds came by just to look at and pet him because they knew he was somebody’s pet. There he sat.

The day had started with smiles on the faces of all four of the two leggeds. The dad two legged was packing the car with rolling suitcases and bags. Lots of bags. Near the back of the car was Flash’s crate. Hmmm. He thought. Going someplace stuff. And he was going with them. “Don’t get excited” he thought. Too late. When all four of the two leggeds came out of the house. Flash could not help it … wild puppy several times around the car and before he new it … he was … in the crate … in the car.

Where were they going? Flash was just happy to be going.

An airport can be strange place when you first see one … especially from a crate! You are pretty much looking up at everyone … and everything. The two leggeds went through what Flash heard was check in. He went with the suitcases and bags. That’s how he wound up on the run way. Just sitting there in his crate. Flash had never seen an airplane that close before. He barked a few times just to let the plane know he was there. The two leggeds saw him out the airplane window. Flash saw them and barked some more. They were going somewhere, but Flash wasn’t sure he liked this. Before you could say “We’re going somewhere” … strange looking, never seen them before two legged people picked up the crate (with Flash in it) … put it on a conveyer belt … Flash had never seen one of those … he went into the belly of the plane … another set of strange looking, never seen them before two legged people … put him in the crate … in a special pet place. He just looked around and whimpered a bit. He knew barking wouldn’t help.

After a while … and the noise of the plane going … he fell asleep … and he just slept. If he had knew he was where birds were … there would have been a bunch of barking! When the plane stopped, more strange two leggeds appeared. Pretty soon he was on the ground … with his two leggeds. He felt better. Once his crate was in another car … with his two leggeds … he fell asleep again.

The next thing you knew he heard the doors of the car open, with that long nose, he took a deep sniff and heard a strange roar. With the boy in the lead, Flash close behind, and over the sand dunes the two leggeds ran. The roar seemed louder with each step they took.

What he saw was amazing. What he heard with those long hears was … well … amazing! The ocean!They were at the beach! Two leggeds, Flash … and beach creatures!

As Flash looked up he saw seagulls. He had never seen these types of birds. They were loud. Flash ran and ran, trying to catch one. Not sure what he would do if he did!

As he was chasing the seagulls, he noticed crabs scurrying into the water as waves came close. One moment he thought he would catch one, then not. The closer he got … he wasn’t sure he should catch one … they had strange claws … that pinched … and the look in their eye was “We can play … then … stay away.”

Flash glanced at the ocean, then glanced up. A flock of pelicans flew by and landed on the pier.

Just then Flash’s attention turned to the two leggeds. You know what the two legged girl had found washed up by the waves on shore? A starfish. It was pretty. Blue. (Strange, but pretty.) The whole family had gathered around.

The beach was beautiful. Out from shore, way out from shore were some boats. The two leggeds called them ships. The two leggeds shouted, fins. Dolphins! “Seven, eight, nine” they counted as the dolphins jumped. The two leggeds jumped also. Jumping wasn’t Flash’s best skill. So you know what he did? Yep … wild puppy. The two leggeds just laughed.

To this day, Sir Flash remembers the fun at the beach. The smell of the ocean. The sight of the ocean. The sand. The waves. The sounds of the seagulls. The crabs that seemed to run side ways. The pelicans soaring. The dolphins jumping. The laughter of the two leggeds. And the sun setting as the day came to a close.

On the way back to the hotel, a different, but “crate” place to stay, Flash slept with the memory it was a good day, a very good day at the beach.

Love you little one,



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