Hi M,

How was your day? It is starting to get a little cooler in the mornings and warms up by the afternoon. (Does make the selection of “what to wear” a bit of a challenge.) Bet your days are full this time of year. People to see. Places to go. Things (growing) to do. Fun to have!

Speaking of fun, since today was another sun shiny day, took a walk outside and enjoyed the fall weather. While walking, tried to be careful not to step on the walnuts. (They are falling from the trees and can ruin a good day if you step on one. We have some here that are fairly big. It would about the size of both of your hands and … they smell funny!) The driveway this time of the year … has leaves (lots of leaves) and walnuts on it. (You should what one of the walnuts sounds like when they drop/fall on the roof of the house!) Enjoy the leaves falling, going for a walk and walnuts!

Love you little one,




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