Hi M,

You know it has been pretty warm here of late … so … when it rained this morning … guess what your grandpa did? Sat on the porch for a few moments … and enjoyed hearing and watching it rain. (Must admit … a few Seattle thoughts crossed my mind.) Did your day go well? Saw the pictures of you and your mom. Good growing. You are getting so big.

M, when you’re aunt and dad were little, we used to play a game with them called So Big. We used to ask them “how big” they were. When they raised their hands to head high. We would say in a loud, excited voice “so big.” They would smile or laugh. We would repeat it several times. Must admit those were fun times. Glad to see you are getting to be “so … big.”

How much is the love that God has for you? “So big!”

Love you little one,




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