Hi M,

Hope your day is going well. Getting from here to there pretty well? Bet you’re getting stronger every day. Helping with the dishes, making your bed, picking out and putting on your own clothes? (Just teasing. In time.)

Sat on the porch for a few minutes today and enjoyed the sunshine. Did you get to enjoy the sunshine today? It is always good to pause for a few moments and enjoy the sun on your face. The phone rings, texts come, the “in” box has messages, planes take off, meetings take place, gotta be somewhere … but the sun just moment by moment crosses the sky. Sunny day, cloudy day, rainy day … the sun just crosses the sky. As you grow … take time to enjoy the sun for a few moments each day.

M, you know who made the sun? Yep. Sun, moon and stars. (For you to enjoy.)

Love you little one,




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