Hi M,

It has been a few days! Are you doing well? You know it would take something major to keep me from writing to you. Well chalk up (ask your mom about that one) something major. A story for another day. Sorry your birthday came and went without me sending a “Sir Flash” story. (We have three now! Cool.) And … the “Flash” stuffed animal is upstairs for you to claim one day.

You’ve heard about the big ole woody wood pecker we see on occasion. We heard it this morning. Didn’t see it, but heard it. It makes a very distinctive sound. And shock of shocks (startle/surprise) … Hemi actually let another dog walk on the property. (Of course he didn’t see it.)

As you get older you will find ladies that add great value to your life. Enjoyable women to be around. Women that make you laugh out loud. There’s just a sense of safety when they are around. They model the values of God. You may think about your mother, your grandmothers. They are often referred to as Pr31 women. Glad they are around you.

Love you little one,




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