Hi M,

Talking about “all creatures great and small” … saw something not praying mantis or hummingbird rare of a sight, but a run around the property sight, a climb up a tree sight … a squirrel. Not unusual to see them in parks. Perhaps when your grandpa writes about Sir Flash and the City Creatures he can add a squirrel to the story. Flash with long ears and the squirrel with the long furry tail … we can add that to the tale. Just think of the stuffed animals you can have with each story? Sir Flash and the Night Creatures …. Flash …. a frog (Croaker) … a raccoon (Hands) … an owl (Hoot) … and a cat (Miss Kitty.) Sir Flash and the Farm Creatures … Flash … a hummingbird (Hum) … a chicken (Chick) … well … we’ll have to name all the creatures in the stories.  Stuffed animals with Sir Flash and the Beach Creatures, Sir Flash and the Zoo Creatures and Sir Flash and the City Creatures. (Looks like there’s some writing ahead.) Three written … two “thinking about books.” That’s five books and four or five stuffed animals each story. That’s a bunch of stuffed animals in the bedroom! Sounds like a project. Sounds like fun.

The prayer for you out of the 24th of Ps is … M, may the “Lord grant you success” in all your paths.

Love you little one,



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