Hi M,

Hope you had a good day! Keeping on our “all creatures great and small” theme … remember the other day when we talked about seeing a hummingbird and how rare it is to see one? Well … saw something today even a little more rare … something seen about every say … five summers … (yep … that’s more summers that you’ve been with us) … Guess what was on the windshield? You know how you have a car-seat you buckle-up in and then the window you look out at stuff ? … Well your grandpa has a car seat he gets in … buckles up … and then looks out a window called a windshield … on it … was a “praying mantis.” (Wait until you see one of those.) Took a picture. (Attached)

Praying Mantis

Is that a cool looking bug/insect or what? When you learn what “bite” means … careful … they do.

Know you know this … God made these too.

Love you little one,



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