Hi M,

Trying to find that fine line of knowing about your day and telling you a little about mine. As a rule of thumb … (Ask your mom about that phrase.) … from my chair … your day is always more fun than mine. Many things in your day are firsts … first time wearing a certain outfit. (Sometimes because you outgrew your favorite one.) First time being able to get to there. (You tried to get there yesterday … and today you did … how fun.) Can you think of things that you are doing now … that a month ago would have been a challenge … good growing … bet you have heard that a few times.

Two fun things happened at your grandpa’s. One … glanced out my office window this morning and saw … a hummingbird. (Wait until you see one of those. Pretty cool. A rare sight. Yep … just like the one in the Sir Flash and the Farm Creatures story … have you a stuffed animal of one soon. And have a bonfire going. Picked up some limbs the past few days and … we have one. (*Yep … attaching a picture.)

Fire! (Bonfire)

How about this phrase from the 22nd of Ps … may it be said of you … M, may you be one known for your “many kindnesses” … (Just being good to others as you grow.)

Love you little one,


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