Hi M,

Did you do fun things today? Help pick out cool clothes to wear today? Get from here to there today? See familiar faces today? Hear encouraging voices today? Let people hear some new sounds today? My day? The highlight had to be taking a “property walk” … slowly but surely the paths are being reclaimed. Hope to show you them someday. (Taking a walk most days is a good thing.)

“Let this be written for a future generation …” those words M are in the 21st day of Ps. Before you were born your grandpa wondered what he would say to you? What stories he would tell you? What principles would be of value? What tales would be funny? What words would you understand that say we care and love you? So … just started writing. It has been quite a few months now. (Every day … haven’t missed a day … must admit it is something very enjoyable.)

Guess what … before you know it … you’ll have company … your aunt is expecting a little one … a little after you turn one … our attention will turn to both of you. (Writing for two will be fun. Already thought of a fun name.)

Love you little one,




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