Hi M,

Bet you are getting bigger, stronger, smarter every day. Not a little little one any more. Strong enough to get from here to there and learning new stuff all the time. Bigger, stronger, smarter. Let me say again. Good growing.

M, there are two phrases in the 16th day of Ps that are enjoyable to read. The phrases “integrity of heart” and “skillful hands.” People tend to really like people who are “core good.” They do not have to be real loud … or talk all the time. They are just “enjoyable, good, smile a lot” people who try to live in a manner that pleases God. “Skilled hands” is a good phrase also. Some people have “skilled hands.” Everyone can have a good heart. A select number of people have “skilled hands.” Doctors and nurses. People you have met. People that play a musical instrument well have “skilled hands.” People that cook … sew … make things … yeah … write things. Guess “hands” that hold and arms that “hug” have a special “skill” also. You know your grandpa hopes these two phrases always describe you … she has a great heart … and what she does … amazing!

Love you little one,



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