Hi M,

Got some good news this evening! Guess who is coming to see me on Saturday? My brother. Did you know your grandpa had a brother? And a sister. A great uncle and a great aunt. He is a teacher. (Yep … like your mom.) Lives near the ocean. (Guess what the “Sir Flash and the Beach” story will be ready soon. You will have a series of three for us to rotate. Soon there will be four … “Sir Flash and the Zoo Creatures.”) My brother is like you … wish we lived closer.

Speaking of closer … we saw a great big bird on the property again today. It was pretty close and then it landed and stayed for a while at a distance … broke out the binoculars (you can look through them and things far away look closer) … we were able to watch it for several minutes … not sure if it was a hawk or an eagle … just know it was big! Wingspan was big. Soars/swoops/flys with ease. (Trying to find out what kind it is. We do know this … it is impressive in size … don’t get the idea other birds will be bothering this bird!)

All kinds of creatures here! Great and small.

Love you little one,



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