Hi M,

Are you ready for the weekend? What do you do on the weekends? Just about every Saturday your grandpa takes your great grandmother to the grocery store. What day do you go get food? What things do you like? Your grandpa is kind of a “fruits, juice, nuts and veggie” guy. Not while eating out with someone or someones, but while eating in. Do you have a favorite food yet? Have you tried a little bit of ice cream? What a great summer time treat! Cold to the taste, brings a smile to the face! (Tell your mom you need some!)

Your grandpa mentioned the other day looking at great books for little ones. You know it is also good to know the book called the “Good Book.” It is good to read when you are young … and when you are older. (M … it will make you very smart … and wise … it will help you all the days of your life.) You may notice your grandpa sets his focus on four pieces of the Good Book. Psalms. Proverbs. Matthew. Acts. (Stuff to help appreciate God, words to help understand people, words to help you know and understand what Jesus did and words for understanding the church and things at church.) So when you see Ps that is Psalms, Pr is Proverbs, Mt is Matthew and Ac in Acts. It is a big book. Fun stories. And in time we’ll tell you about many of them.

In the meantime … ice cream!

Love you little one,



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