Hi M,

Yep … rained on us bit! Must say it was refreshing. Hope you got a little bit … rain and refreshment that is. All sunshine can dry things outside out. A little rain at times is good. Your grandpa teases about the time in Seattle. It did rain a lot. A lot. We use to tease that if you saw someone with an umbrella in Seattle … they were a tourist. (Just teasing.) Remember the weather guy talking about “sun breaks.” Not sure what that was at first. Hope you are well and enjoying the different type of weather.

Today your grandpa took a moment to look at some great books for little ones. There are some great books out there. Yep … looked a little funny seeing a grandpa look at books you may like soon, but my thought was/is that the Sir Flash series is fun. Fun to write for you. Hopefully fun to read. The “prototype” of Flash is fun. Know what your grandpa read last night? Dr. Seuss, a great children’s writer … was told “no” 49 times before someone thought his writings were worth passing along to others. Encouraged me. Writing for you over the months … and one day over the years … writing to your “cousin” on the way … is my way of saying …

Love you (everyday) little one,




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